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HOTEL PRICE COMPARISON is a hotel price comparison website that checks multiple booking sites for availability and returns you a list of results from each allowing you to choose either the cheapest rate or your preferred booking service. We then link you through to the booking page of the booking service allowing you to book direct. We search and compare over 900,000 global hotel deals from over 30 merchants including big names like Expedia, and

Why should you use a hotel price comparison website instead of going straight to your favourite booking site? Each hotel booking service will have its own allocation of rooms and set prices. If one particular booking service has no availability then another might have and one service may well have negotiated a better price than another. To find the best price manually you would need to perform your search on each of these sites one by one remembering where the best price was. A hotel price comparison website can do this for you instantly with a click of the mouse! You will always find cheap hotel deals using